Page Designated to Restoration of 1986 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

CUCV M1009


M1009 was purchased on eBay from Classic & Performance Mustangs Inc. located in Denver Colorado. They bought many from government auction. This one was picked up from Barstow, CA. My, one and only requirement was to get a truck with no rust. Classic & Performance Mustangs Inc. offered some reconditioning before being shipped to me.

Because I wanted a straight solid looking truck I asked for additional repairs which included: Repaired large and obvious dents, fiberglass resin shell repair, Hood replacement, Rust repaired on tailgate, Rebuilt door hinges, door hinge pins with door hinge bushings.



As a first step they performed the following: Pressured washed engine bay. Replaced all V belts, replaced military batteries. Changed all the fluids and filters. Evacuated fuel system before engine start. Added injector cleaner. Pressured tested cooling system and found leaks (radiator sent for rebuilt), radiator with new hoses was reinstalled, pressure tested system again Both generators were also rebuilt and fixed passenger side generator mounting bracket Patched oil cooler line. Transmission flush performed.

Next repair order: was to get new leaf springs and shocks replaced for both front and rear along with sway bar bushings. Using heavy duty power wash to remove all the dirt and grease from underside and prepared for paint. Two heavy coats of paint were used. Then complete transmission rebuilt of original GM trans. torque converter, new drive shaft gasket and dip stick tube O ring with warranty of 24000 miles or 24 months. Tune up of transmission for the best performance.


All Extra Accessories such as wheel chock, Council tool 4 lb. Dayton pattern single bit axe with a 36" curved wooden handle, 5 gallon Scepter gas can, steering wheel chain with original U.S. military padlock american lock 5200, front winter cover, Amerex #B410T Purple K 2.5lb Fire Extinguisher, Olive Green Steel Shovel and camo truck cover were added to make this restoration complete.